Dr Andreas Bücker

Andreas is the CEO of Politicomm. After his PhD from the University of Cambridge
in 2001, he was head of sales and marketing at Spiral Software Ltd until 2006 where his responsibilities included managing the client relations with national and international
oil majors worldwide.

After taking a sabbatical as a senior research fellow at the University of Copenhagen
in 2007/08, Andreas was responsible for politics, communication and European projects
at the German associations for executives (ULA) and managers in the chemical industry
(VAA) before setting up Politicomm in 2010.

He has a proven track record of developing, managing and implementing EU-funded
projects and tenders.


Politicomm uses a pool of highly proficient researchers in key areas which
complemented by a wide network of academic and business experts across Europe
who are involved on a case-by-case  basis.