welcome to politicomm

Politicomm specialises in public affairs consultancy on European level and the development, implementation and management of EU-Commission funded and other projects for federations, companies and institutions.

The services offered to our clients include designing full-scale project plans and applications for funding, identifying and securing grant opportunities and tenders from the EU Commission, and managing all aspects of funded projects.

Politicomm is involved in EU-funded projects for industrial associations, federations, employers’ organisations, and trade unions on national and European levels across a variety of different sectors, ranging from the chemical to the financial services industries. Objectives have included, among others, demographic change, securing sector growth, industrial relations, social partner initiatives, age and diversity management, vocational education and training, data protection regulations in the EU, and cross-border credit management.

Politicomm would be glad to also help your organisation in devising project plans tailored to your specific concerns and needs, and in identifying, and benefitting from, available EU funding opportunities.